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Feedo - Your Digital Path to Enhanced Customer Experiences

With over 25 years of experience in making business systems reach their potential, TechnoSys provides Feedo software to engage with your customers and elevate your business. We bring you the one-window solution for an excellent customer experience.

Why Choose Feedo

In today’s era, feedback has become important for exceptional customer experiences. Our feedback software (Feedo) revolutionizes how you engage with your customers.

Simplified Customer Data Collection

Gathering feedback becomes easy with our Single Tap Survey solution, which operates on all Android/IOS devices

Engaging Customers Directly

Create meaningful connections and drive loyalty with one-on-one interactions and feedback.

Offline & Online

Feedo is available in both offline and online mode. This results in smooth accessibility from anywhere at any time.

Unfiltered Feedback

A transparent text box allows your customers to express themselves freely instead of limiting them to specific questions.

Cost Effective

Feedo will smoothen your feedback system and eliminate all manual feedback systems by cutting paper-based feedback.

Personalized Surveys

Easily incorporate your logo, play with colours, insert images, and more through branded surveys.

Real-Time Alerts

Receive instant notifications, ensuring negative feedback is swiftly addressed by the right team member.

Insights with Reports and Analytics

Explore customer feedback data through dynamic graphs and informative listings on your dashboard.

Scan QR, Share Feedback

Simply scan the QR code and effortlessly share your valuable thoughts, making feedback submission simple and quick.

Benefits Of Feedo Application

Some of the most frequently asked questions

Customer feedback is important because this helps the business know how satisfied their customers are and the areas of improvement.

Customer feedback allows businesses to highlight their areas of improvement and gives them an idea of how customer perceive their services. This helps businesses fix their issues.

Feedo can help you gain automated feedback quickly and easily. 

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